Kevin Holloman: Who Is He? Michael Morgan Kills a McDonald’s Employee in New York


A McDonald’s employee was shot by Michael Morgan, who is suspected of killing Kevin Holloman in 2020, following a dispute about some supposedly lukewarm french fries.

Michael Morgan was detained by New York police in a shooting case after the guy shot at a McDonald’s waitress over a plate of chilly fries.

It all began when Lisa Fulmore, his mother, questioned the staff about her lukewarm fries. Morgan ultimately intervened to confront the employees after they made fun of her and advised her to talk with the management. At some time, employee Matthew Jeremiah Webb also got involved.

The 23-year-old Webb was reportedly shot by Michael as they argued outside the business. The victim is in critical condition, and the culprit, who is 20 years old, is in police custody. He also admitted to killing Kevin Holloman while he was imprisoned in 2020, casting light on the enigmatic slaying.

Holloman’s sister stood forward, expressing her relief and the satisfaction of the family over the killer’s confession and impending sentencing. What you need to know about the 2020 victim is provided here.

What Was Kevin Holloman’s Identity? Michael Morgan Was The Killer In 2020

In 2020, Michael Morgan reportedly shot Kevin Holloman to death in front of his apartment. Kevin Holloman was a jovial, nice person.

He was the life of the party and everyone who knew him adored him. His sister, Gardenia Holoman, disclosed that Kevin was a kind, always-kind individual who was a good friend to everybody. According to her, therefore, his passing in such a manner was bittersweet and heartbreaking.

Morgan admitted to killing the victim right outside of his apartment, while the motivation for the murder remains unknown. Kevin was shot a number of times. Gardenia observed Michael walking about the apartment a few times, but police determined there was insufficient evidence to arrest the 20-year-old.

Two years after the incident, the suspected perpetrator is finally incarcerated.

What Was Kevin Holloman’s Age At The Time Of His Death?

Kevin Holloman was 28 years old when he passed away.

His date of birth is uncertain, however, he was claimed to be 28 years old in 2020. On October 21, 2020, he expired in the hospital after Morgan shot him. In addition, we lack any other information on his early age and upbringing.

Kevin Holloman Family Details

Holloman has a sister called Gardenia, but the identity of his other family members remain unknown.

The 32-year-old sister described the family’s devastation caused by the tragic demise. Perhaps most profoundly impacted was their mother, who died of a broken heart some time after Kevin’s death.

They are the only known Holloman family members on the Internet at this time.

Kevin Holloman’s Death Cause

The death of Kevin Holloman acquired more online exposure, notably on Facebook, since his obituary was extensively distributed across several platforms.

Since the culprit was not recognised, the murder case also received popular support during that time. People disseminated the obituary and other facts across several online sites, but no evidence proved useful.

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