Who Is Lisa Law? Know More About The Woodstock Photographer


American photographer and filmmaker Lisa Law is well known for her images of the 1960s counterculture and the “Breakfast in Bed for 400,000” cereal served at Woodstock.

In contrast, Lisa was born on March 8, 1943, to parents Selma and Lee Bachelis in the county of Los Angeles, California. She moved to San Francisco, California, where her aunt lived, but she eventually departed the city in 1959. Her career started to take off after meeting a skilled manager named Frank Werber, and ever then she has gained notoriety as one of the best photographers.

Who Is Lisa Law?

Lisa Law is a talented woman who was born on March 8, 1943, and is still active at age 79. She is a Woodstock photographer.

Along with her two brothers, Gregory Frank and Guy, she was reared by her parents, Selma and Lee Bachelis. Her mother was a furrier, while her father was an attorney.

She also attended other schools, including John Burroughs High School in Burbank, Galileo High School in San Francisco, College of Marin in Marin County, California, and San Francisco City College. She also spent her whole youth in Burbank, California. Her educational history is kept a secret, to continue.

She also gave up her photographic profession to work as Frank Werber’s assistant as the manager of the Kingston trio, but her photographs have continued to capture America’s social and cultural shifts.
Her unique photographic abilities are noteworthy; in the start of her career, she photographed Barry McGuire at the Castle as well as Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan.

Updates on Lisa Law’s Husband & Family

Lisa Law was married to Tom Law; the precise date of their nuptials has not yet been made public. Lisa and Tom initially met in 1965 during a Peter Paul & Mary performance in Berkeley, California.

Before returning to California, She spent some time living in Mexico with Tom. She persisted in her line of work, reporting on the Haight-Ashbury flower children, Hari Krishna adherents, yoga courses, peace marches, and eventually Woodstock in 1969.

Lisa was happy with the images she had taken of the lovely animals and stunning scenery. Throughout her career, she has been happy with her job and has always travelled with a camera.

Living in Truchas, New Mexico, Lisa and Tom had four children: Dhana Pilar, Solar Sat, Sunday Peaches, and Jesse Lee Rainbow. In 1977, the couple was divorced. She did a wonderful job of documenting the events of the 1960s, as seen in a documentary in the book “Flashing on the Sixties.”

How Rich is Lisa Law in 2022? Know Her Exact Net Worth

Lisa Law is an excellent photographer who has amassed a net worth of almost $6 million; nevertheless, numerous web sites indicated that her earnings are higher.

Lisa’s career also began working with Kingston Trio manager Frank Werber, who handed her a used Honeywell Pentax camera. She has made great improvements from photographing the musicians in the vibrant music scenes in the Bay Area and Los Angeles to the present, and her passion for photography has developed into a career.

She demonstrated her noteworthy work in whatever position she was given, including that of mother, writer, photographer, and social activist. She had faced many obstacles and hardships as a woman, but her honesty and zeal made her a successful lady.

Additionally, She uses her camera as her greatest asset to promote awareness of indigenous peoples while providing a wide audience with fascinating insights into their customs.

Finally, at Woodstock, the photographer asked the festival’s organisers for $3,000 so that he could buy ingredients for a nutritious muesli in New York City, including rolled oats, bulgar wheat, wheat germ, dried apricots, currants, almonds, soy sauce, and honey. In addition to all of these, she has a real personality and is a kind lady.

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