Who is Krista Ford? Know her Net Worth, Husband, Biography

krista fordd

Born on 13 September 1991, Krista Ford (Haynes) is a Canadian former professional women’s American football player. She was the captain of the Toronto Triumph, a team in the Lingerie Football League. Recently, Krista Ford is a conspiracy theorist for sharing COVID19 misinformation and conspiracy theories which included anti-mask and anti-vaccine. She is the daughter of Ontario Premier and Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario Leader Doug Ford and niece of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.


Krista Ford is married to David Haynes, a former Toronto Police Service officer, and bodybuilder. In November 2021, David was fired from the police service for refusing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Net Worth

Krista’s Net Worth is around $2 million as of 2022.

Tweet on Sexual Assault

On August 29, 2012, Haynes wrote a controversial tweet which she tweeted, an hour after Toronto Police had advised women of a recent outbreak of sexual assaults. Haynes’ tweet said, “Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self-defense classes & don’t dress like a whore.” Katherine Dunn, in her coverage in the Toronto Star, pointed out that Toronto Police consider mace a “prohibited and restricted weapon”. Several press reports compared Haynes’ comment to those of Michael Sanguinetti, a Toronto area police officer, whose widely criticized safety suggestion to college students was “women should avoid dressing like sluts not to be victimized”, which had triggered the worldwide SlutWalk phenomenon.

Views on COVID19

Haynes has been critical of COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine passports and has expressed anti-mask sentiments. She has also expressed disdain for vaccine mandates. Her husband was placed on unpaid leave by the Toronto Police Service due to his lack of vaccination. She has compared public health protocols and vaccine mandates to the holocaust and the civil rights movement.

In a series of posts on Instagram, Haynes has made unsubstantiated criticisms of the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and their effectiveness, including the benefits of vaccine boosters, in which she falsely claimed that “every booster you take is going to weaken your natural immunity.” She has also expressed the incorrect belief that vaccination causes viral shedding and encouraged her Instagram followers to “rise up” and continue “holding the line for medical freedom.”

On and around Remembrance Day, Haynes suggested that people should wear remembrance poppies instead of masks in Canada, saying that “If you’re headed into a store today and you find it more important to put on a mask than a poppy, rethink your priorities because there have been men and women who have fought bravely and died for our freedoms that we seem to be just handing over today, so please think about that.” She later suggested that the Canadian government should have sent every Canadian household a Bible instead of information cards on COVID-19 vaccines.

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