Patty Perez (Goddess Patty) Death Cause – All You Need to Know About Her

petty perez

Patty Perez is also known as Goddess Patty who was an excellent actress in the entertainment industry. She popularly played the role of the “Goddess Patty” in popular blockbuster movies Jackass 2 and Jackass 2.5 in 2006.

Patty Perez died on September 17, 2021, due to Diabetes after being treated for it in a hospital in Reno, Nevada, USA.

As of the statement given by her daughter Priscilla, Patty Perez was struggling for so many years with weight and health as both of her Kidneys were failed.

There has been a rumor around about Patty Perez that she died due to Covid. But, her daughter confirms that it’s not the reason for her death.

Reason for Patty Perez’s Death

Patty Perez died on September 17, 2021, after being treated for Diabetes in a hospital in Reno, Nevada, the USA as she was suffering from it since childhood. She also had both Kidney failures.

As of rumors spreading on the internet, Patty Perez didn’t die because of the pandemic. This was officially confirmed by her daughter Priscilla.

Patty Perez’s Age, Date of Birth

Patty Perez was 57 years old as of 2021. She spent most of her life in the industry. She was born in 1964.

Age57 Years
Date of Birth1964

Patty Perez’s Family: Husband

Till now, nothing is known about Patty Perez’s husband. We will update it when we get the information. She had a daughter named Priscilla.


Patty Perez’s Social Media: Instagram

unfortunately, Patty Perez’s Instagram account could not be found. Neither her daughter Priscilla is found on Instagram. They might have stayed away from Social Media.

Also, from the reports, it has been found that Patty Perez’s daughter, Priscilla organized a GoFund campaign that aimed for collecting $6000 for funeral and other expenses. Till now, they’ve collected $2425 out of $6000.

This was all about Patty Perez’s death reason. If you find more details of her then please leave a comment below.

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