Paul Salopek: Where Is He Now? Where Does The Journalist Walk?

Paul Salopek

Paul Salopek is in Sichuan, China, according to a tweet from his official Twitter account on July 20, 2022. Yu Chengzhan, a Kung Fu master, is giving him a workout lesson.

He is a writer and journalist from the United States. Salopek has done international reporting for the Chicago Tribune, Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, and National Geographic Magazine, among others.

In January 2013, Salopek began the “Out of Eden Walk,” which was originally intended to be a seven-year journey through one of the migration routes used by early humans to leave Africa.

The National Geographic Society, the Knight Foundation, and the Abundance Foundation have all contributed to the initiative’s funding.

Where Is Paul Salopek Now?

He frequently discusses his journey, the 24,000-mile journey around the world, and shares a teaser video in which he claims to be in China.

He walked from west to east through Central Asia, arriving in Issyk Kul in May 2020.

He has been tracing ancient hunter-gatherer routes from Africa to South America since 2013. In the story, his global journey is an endeavor. Its map depicts a long history.

He has come across milestones marking the never-ending advances and retreats of our species’ long journey almost every day along a route that has covered more than 11,000 kilometers.

These include brand-new cell phone towers protruding over hominid fossil beds in Ethiopia and massive Iron Age hunting traps abandoned on Kazakhstani steppes that no longer support antelope.

Details on Paul Salopek’s Walking Route

Paul Salopek began the walking route in Ethiopia at one of the world’s oldest human fossil sites, Herto Bouri, and it continues across the scorching Afar Triangle in the Rift Valley.

Our intrepid forefathers followed this path as they made their way to the Gulf of Aden, where they took their first steps outside the mother continent to explore the rest of the world.

Today’s migrants seeking a better life, as Salopek attests, use this historic route as a conduit for the opportunity and, on occasion, tragic death.

Net Worth: 2022

Paul Salopek is one of the most well-known and wealthy journalists. According to our analysis of data from sources, Paul Salopek’s net worth is around $1.5 million.

This enormous net worth is due to his exceptional talent and career in journalism.

In 1998, he received the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for two articles he wrote about the Human Genome Diversity Project. In 2001, he received the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting for his reporting on Africa.

According to Columbia University President George Rupp, Salopek received the award “for his reporting on the political unrest and illness epidemics sweeping Africa, which he experienced personally as he sailed, often by canoe, through rebel-controlled portions of the Congo.”

Who Is Paul Salopek’s Wife?

Paul and Linda Lynch have been married for many years. They first met while she was a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

It is also unknown if they are parents.

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