Ricky Bibey Death Cause: Found Dead With a Woman In a Hotel, Know More About Him

Ricky Bibey

Ricky Bibey, an English professional rugby league footballer who played as a prop or second-row, was found Dead at the Continentale hotel room in Florence. Along with his body was an injured woman identified as Jennie Platt.

After his death, the whole rugby community is shocked and saddened.

Jennie Platt is the late rugby player’s alleged partner. The 40-year-old is said to have been traveling with Jennie when they booked a room at the Continentale Hotel, Florence.

She is Bibey’s partner, and the two collaborated at work. Owner and managing director of Jennie Platt Estates & Lettings Group.

Who Was The Woman Injured In His Room? Their Relationship Explained

The name of the woman found injured in his room was Jennie Platt.

Jennie Platt is the alleged partner of the late Ricky Bibey. Although there are confirmed details about their relationship, police suspect them to be partners.

She is the owner and managing director of Jennie Platt Estates & Lettings Group. The 43-year-old specializes in luxury rentals and sales around the city, particularly in the North West.

Over the past ten years, Platt’s portfolio has expanded, and the company is increasingly developing real estate.

After the event on Saturday morning, she is currently receiving treatment in a hospital. Although she was in a severe state when found near the body, she is now stable, and her injuries do not threaten her life.

“We’re trying to get in touch with her,” the neighborhood” police reported.

Wales Rugby Star Ricky Bibey Death Inside An Italian Hotel Room- What Happened?

On Saturday, forensic experts and neighborhood police were seen conducting investigations at the hotel.

The woman was also discovered with injuries; however, she was more severely harmed than the man, who appeared to have experienced some seizures, a police official told Mail Online.

The woman has been brought to a hospital for treatment. The forensic experts are currently working in the room where there is blood.

Despite not completely ruling out a domestic abuse event, police sources say they believe it was the outcome of a sex game gone wrong.

After a night out, the two were alleged to have returned to the hotel near the city’s Ponte Vecchio at 2 am on Saturday.

But the woman’s screams for aid at 8 am alerted personnel.

Does Ricky Bibey Have A Wife? Rugby Found Dead With A Woman In Italian Hotel

Ricky Bibey was not married but had a girlfriend for a long time. However, since the player had maintained a secretive profile after his retirement, not much is known about his wife.

Unfortunately, the sources neglect to mention Bibey’s girlfriend’s name.

Bibey’s girlfriend reportedly displayed horrified expressions after learning of her partner’s passing, according to Italy 24 news.

As per the Italian media outlet La Nazione, The pair checked into the hotel at the scenic beauty site on Friday night and stayed in the £350 per night hotel suite on the first floor.

The following morning, nevertheless, the hotel workers came across a horrific sight.

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