How Did Jessie Duarte Die? Know About Her Family And More

Jessie Duarte

Jessie Duarte, a South African politician, and the African National Congress’s acting secretary-general has died. Duarte worked in a variety of roles as a long-time anti-apartheid activist. Her full name is Jessie Yasmin Duarte.

Her role was a special assistant to Nelson Mandela, a member of the provincial cabinet for Gauteng, one of South Africa’s providences, and an ambassador to Mozambique.

She was a renowned spokesperson for the African National Congress, leading her to her final post before her death as the ANC’s Deputy Secretary-General in 2012.

Jessie Duarte Family

Jessie Duarte was married to John Duarte until their divorce in 2001. She and John had two children, one son, and one daughter.

Duarte went to tremendous lengths to keep her children out of the spotlight, so little is known about them.

According to the media, Jessie Duarte’s son is the proprietor of an information technology firm. Nevertheless, nothing is known about the African politician’s daughter.

John used to be just as unknown, but his name began to appear in the media for all the wrong reasons last year.

Various reports surfaced on May 24, 2021, revealing that John Duarte’s name emerged in the Gupta contract money transfers.

This disclosure concerns the Gupta family, which has become linked with corruption in South Africa.

Jessie Duarte Illness Revealed

The African National Congress issued a statement early Sunday morning, July 17, 2022, stating that Jessie Duarte had died.

According to the report, Duarte has been on medical leave since November 2021 and is undergoing cancer treatment.

Unfortunately, she succumbed to her poor health and died. Her death was announced months after the media mistakenly reported that she died on April 24, 2022.

Because of the earlier hoax, many people found it challenging to believe Duarte had passed; only after the ANC issued the announcement was the news accepted seriously.

The mother of two had been at home when she died on Sunday, having fallen unwell in November 2021. According to the ANC, she got hospitalized due to stomach issues.

Duarte had accomplished a lot in her career by the age of 68. The news of her death erupted on Twitter.

Many people praised her efforts to create a unified, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic, economic, and just South Africa.

The message concludes with the Muslim customs that Duarte will be buried in Johannesburg on the afternoon of July 17, 2022.

Earnings of Jessie Duarte

Jessie Duarte will be recognized for her different accomplishments and credentials more than anything else in her life.

Jessie began her professional career as a management accountant. However, in 1979, Albertina Sisulu hired her to establish women’s structures throughout South Africa.

Two years later, in 1981, she was appointed Secretary of the Federation of Transvaal Women. Concurrently, she collaborated with Reverend Beyers Naude to create and manage a scholarship fund.

On the other hand, Duarte’s earnings and net worth are yet to be discovered. Her career was cut short when she got arrested without being tried in 1988.

Fortunately, she was released but subjected to restrictions until the state of emergency was abolished.

Duarte has done much since then and occupied roles that have influenced transformation in South Africa. She is remembered and grieved for this.

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