Who Is Sakai French Las Vegas? Is the accused innocent or guilty? Details on the Dalvin Brown Trail

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We are all aware of the 2018 Las Vegas teen murder case. Then, Sakai French, 16, allegedly killed Dalvin, 18, during a fight between the two. However, the case was not heard right away, resulting in endless trials.

Despite the fact that the Internet has limited information on this, the sudden interest in what happened to the little boy is quite amusing. The most recent information we have dates back to 2019 when the little was still accused and found not guilty.

Who Is Sakai French Las Vegas? Determine Whether The Accused Is Guilty Or Innocent

According to North Las Vegas police, Sakai French, aka Saki Kayin French, was identified as the suspect in the shooting on September 11 by the North Las Vegas Detective Bureau with the assistance of the Clark County School District Police Department.

The Las Vegas FBI Criminal Apprehension Team members discovered and detained French shortly after the shooting death of 18-year-old Dalvin Brown in the 3900 block of Diamond Gem Court, near Alexander and Cimarron roads in Las Vegas.

According to French’s arrest report, Brown was engaged in a prearranged altercation outside Canyon Springs High School’s baseball fields when the shooting occurred. One of the adolescents involved in the altercation changed his statement after initially denying knowing the gunman, which assisted police in identifying French.

According to prosecutor Michael Schwartzer, Sakai Kayin French was ordered detained in custody in April by a court in North Las Vegas on a $1 million bail while the case’s preliminary evidence is heard on October 9.

French, a junior at Cheyenne High School in North Las Vegas, was not required to enter a plea. His attorney, Alexis Plunkett, declined to comment.

French was arrested outside Canyon Springs High School’s baseball field on September 11, 2018, after a fight broke out after school. Brown was a student at the time.

Charges Against Sakai French and Trials in the Dalvin Brown Murder Case

French, who was charged as an adult with murder in the shooting death of an 18-year-old student during an after-school altercation in North Las Vegas, was set to go to trial after rejecting a plea agreement.

Sakai Kayin French’s attorneys did not immediately respond to messages after she declined a plea deal to admit to voluntary manslaughter with a weapon in the September 2018 killing of Dalvin Brown.

French was detained when he was 16 years old. He is being held in jail until his murder and weapon charges are heard on February 2. If convicted, the shooting near Canyon Springs High School’s baseball field could land him in jail.

According to prosecutor Michael Schwartzer, multiple people witnessed the shooting, which occurred during a dispute following an earlier altercation involving friends of French and Brown.

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