Sally Thomsett’s illness? Facts About Face Surgery And Transformation

In the 1970s, Sally Thomsett was a well-known and widely recognised name. She was an actress who appeared on both the big and the small screen, and she is best known for her roles in the classic films Straw Dogs and The Railway Children.

After thereafter, she became a recurring character on the long-running television show Man About the House. Sally was in high demand and was able to reap some of the wonderful benefits that come with having a successful job in the entertainment industry at the time.

Sally’s life was the epitome of luxury; she frequented the ritziest casinos in Europe, owned an extensive collection of exquisite clothing, and resided in a penthouse in the centre of London. The actress, on the other hand, suddenly vanished off the screen of the show at precisely the time when her career was reaching its zenith.

Sally Thomsett

Illness diagnosed with Sally Thomsett in 2022

There are some whispers going around that her health is starting to fail. However, the reliable source who is close to the actress has not officially formally dismissed the allegations as false just yet.

People had noticed a huge difference between her most recent photo and the ones she had previously posted, which led to questions being asked about her health. It’s possible that she’s aged since she was 71, which would have resulted in a facial appearance that was noticeably different.

In the 1990s, Sally was the talk of the town because she was pretty, youthful, and friendly. This contributed to her popularity. All of the women and girls admired her stunning appearance, and the girls longed to look just like her.

When she suddenly disappeared from the marketplace, it devastated the hearts of many customers and employees.

What Ended Up Taking Place With Sally Thomsett?

According to the findings of the research, Sally Thomsett suffered a serious stroke in the year 2003. After the occurrence, she walked away from the business and settled down in a retirement home in West London that caters to former performers.

Paul and Sally have collaborated in the workplace for the better part of twenty years now. She is still legally married to her second husband, the Danish film producer Claus Hede Nielsen, despite the fact that the two of them have never really tied the knot for one very important reason.

She revealed this information in one of her interviews, saying that despite the fact that she is his certified partner, she does not know where he will seek for a divorce. The next thing that Thomsett said was that she is unconcerned about it because it does not upset her.

Before and after pictures of Sally Thomsett’s face after she had plastic surgery

Sally Thomsett did not acknowledge having plastic surgery in any way, shape, or form in any of her interviews. She only discussed the specifics of her dental operation; no other surgical procedure’s procedures or details were discussed.

However, in order to obtain her enamel, the actress had to go through a dental operation. Aside from that, she has not before used a knife on her face in any other way.

All of these rumours are entirely founded on the brief amount of screen time that Sally had in the programme. It comes as no surprise that people continue to focus on her looks and body as she gets older; this has always been the case.

People mature at an earlier age rather than the other way around. As a consequence of this, her supporters need to cease following her around and continually asserting that she is ill. Sally started her career in the hospitality industry when she was just 11 years old.

She was offered the job, in addition to the opportunity to deliver a solo performance. Because of her wealth of experience, Sally was instantly catapulted to the pinnacle of popularity at that very moment.


After graduating from theatre school, Thomsett went on to feature in a number of popular television shows, including as Theatre 625, Dixon of Dock Green, Nearest and Dearest, and Z-Cars, among others. He also directed many films for the Children’s Film Foundation. She also portrayed the role of Jennifer Villiers in the comedy series The Very Merry Widow, which ran from 1967 to 1968, as well as its spin-off, The Very Merry Widow and How, which aired in 1969.

Sally Thomsett

The novel The Railway Child

In the film The Railway Children, Thomsett played the role of Phyllis, despite the fact that the character was only 11 years old and Thomsett was 20. Jenny Agutter, who played her older sister Bobbie in the movie, was actually two years younger than Thomsett. Thomsett played Bobbie in the movie. During production, Thomsett was not permitted to smoke, drink alcohol, operate a motor vehicle, or appear in public with her partner due to a contractual restriction that prohibited her from disclosing her age at any time. The cast and staff of the movie were under the impression that she was much younger than she actually was, so they addressed the younger Agutter as though she were an adult and treated her like a child. For example, they gave her candy. In the brief time that followed, Thomsett made an appearance on a children’s television programme produced by the BBC. During this appearance, the host told her, “I wouldn’t dream of asking a lady her age, but you’re plainly quite a bit older than the part you played in the film.” She was considered for the BAFTA Film Award in the category of Newcomer to Leading Film Roles, which she did not win.

Later Career

After that, Thomsett had roles in films such as The Fenn Street Gang and Softly, Softly: Task Force before landing the lead role in the psychological thriller picture Straw Dogs alongside Dustin Hoffman and Susan George. He also co-starred in Baxter! alongside Britt Ekland. Thomsett was discovered by directors Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer after appearing in a television commercial advertising Bovril in 1972. They cast her in the hit ITV sitcom Man About the House as Jo, a role that she played for the show’s entire run from 1973 to 1976, including a 1974 spin-off film of the same name.

Thomsett continued his acting career after the cancellation of Man About the House in 1976, and he had an appearance in Wodehouse Playhouse the following year, in 1978. After making an appearance in an advertisement for Crunchie chocolate bars in 1979, Thomsett decided to take some time off from acting in order to see the world. She returned in the middle of the 1980s and made her stage debut in a performance of “The Cat and the Canary” in 1987. After that, she began making regular appearances in pantomime. In addition, she had an appearance in the music video for the charity song “Doctor in Distress,” which was produced in 1985 to avert the cancellation of “Doctor Who.” After the birth of her baby, Thomsett’s career progressed at a more leisurely pace; nevertheless, she did make an appearance on stage in 1998 and 1999 as part of a touring production of The Holly and the Ivy.

During the holiday season of 2014–2015, Peter Pan was performed at Doncaster Racecourse, and Thomsett was cast in the role of Mrs. Darling.



1964 Seventy Deadly Pills Gerty
1967 Danny the Dragon Jean
1970 The Railway Children Phyllis Waterbury
1971 Straw Dogs Janice Hedden
1973 Baxter! Nemo Newman
1974 Man About the House Jo


1965 Dead End Creek Jane TV series
1965 Theatre 625 Parsons’ girl “The World of George Orwell: 1984”
1966 David Copperfield Agnes Wickfield “Distant Relations”
1966 Thirty-Minute Theatre Christine “Don’t Go Down to the Bingo Mother, Father’s Coming to Tea”
1967 River Rivals Penny Holmes TV series
1967 Sanctuary Maria Gomes “The Promised Land”
1967–68 The Very Merry Widow Jennifer Villiers TV series
1968 What Maisie Knew Maisie “Shuttlecock”, “Flight”, “Pursuit and Capture”
1968 For Amusement Only Letty “A Little Milk of Human Kindness”
1969 The Very Merry Widow and How Jennifer Villiers “How Far Can You Go?”, “How About the Patter of Tiny Feet?”
1969 The Gold Robbers Sally Hartford TV miniseries
1969 Nearest and Dearest Brenda “The Birds and the Bees”
1969 Dixon of Dock Green Karen “Notify If Found”
1969–70 Take Three Girls Wendy Pond “Devon Violets”, “Roses Round the Door”
1970 Wicked Woman Natalie “Madeleine Jury”
1970 Z-Cars Rita “Bottoms Up for the Walking Dead: Parts 1 & 2”
1970 Softly, Softly: Task Force Susan “Lessons”
1970 Play of the Month Pamela Harrington “Five Finger Exercise”
1971 Doomwatch Judy Franklin “By the Pricking of My Thumbs…”
1971 The Fenn Street Gang Kathleen “Horses for the Courses”
1971 Shirley’s World Catronia MacDonald “The Islanders”
1972 ITV Sunday Night Theatre Linda Nichols “When the Wheel Turns”
1973 Comedy Playhouse Miranda Elms “Marry the Girls”
1973 Oh, Father! Mary “Just Impediment”
1973 All Star Comedy Carnival Jo TV film
1973–1976 Man About the House Jo Main role
1978 Wodehouse Playhouse Celia Todd “Tangled Hearts”

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