Vabbing At The Gym For The First Time Meaning Explained

While TikTok trends come and go, sadly, it appears that vabbing is here to stay. Sorry.

If you don’t know what vabbing is, you’re lucky. It’s the newest TikTok trend that aims to draw in romantic partners.

What is Vabbing

The process is easy. Vaginal dabbing is all that is meant by the term “vabbing.” Essentially making perfume out of vaginal fluids. People have been rubbing their vaginal fluid on their wrists, neck, and behind their ears, because it has long been said that aroma plays a significant role in attraction.

Since they began vabbing, many people have asserted that they have drawn men to them, but the craze has changed a bit. Here is the most recent information.

TikTok Trend

This week, the trend of vabbing changed, and now individuals do it at the gym. Indeed, the gym.

Before starting a sweaty workout, TikTok users smear their fluids over their neck, wrists, and behind their ears.

Although the gym is a terrific place to meet someone, it isn’t always the cleanest setting because people constantly perspire and fail to clean the equipment.

You won’t set foot in a public gym again after learning that people are now using the restroom while vabbing.

People’s Opinion

In one viral video, a girl recorded her process of vabbing at the gym for the first time and said “the vabbing worked”.

“I did it right before I went to the gym and then that guy hit on me while I was working out. Vabbing works!” she said in another clip.

The TikTok user added that she was doing lunges when a guy on the treadmill “hit” on her and asked her out, so they exchanged numbers.

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