What Happened To Evathefreakindiva’s Parents? Where Are They Now?


Evathefreakindiva is a 21-year-old TikTok celebrity with more than 200K followers and 13.4M likes. She was born Eva Benefield.

She is also active on additional social media platforms, such as Instagram. Benefield is both a t-shirt engineer and a maker of digital content.

Eva has endured a great deal of adversity from her father and mother. Her mother passed away owing to an undiscovered heart condition. She has two half-older brothers on the side of her mother.

Due to her father’s murder case, she is trending on the internet. She has endured a great deal since the death of her parents, yet she has managed to remain resilient and go on with her life.

Who Are the Parents of Evathefreakindiva?

The parents of Evathefreakindiva were Doug and Renee Benefield.

Her mother died when she was 15 years old; she discovered her death upon returning home from school. Her father was absent from the city at the time.

Doug had told his daughter that he would take care of her and that he would never marry, but nine months later he married a former ballerina named Ashley Benefield. They were married 13 days after they first met. The couple’s age difference was 30 years.

Evathefreakindiva was unaware of the wedding. She was only informed after their marriage. She has uploaded on her TikTok account the tale of Ashley that her father told her. There are several postings about her life that she has published in response to inquiries posed by her fans.

Doug and Ashley had been married for four years before to the tragedy.

What Happened to Evathefreakindiva’s Father, Doug Benefield?

In September 2020, her stepmother Ashley murdered her father. She was jailed for shooting Doug in a dispute over the custody of their daughter.

Before she shot him, Ashley claimed that he had attacked her, but detectives found no evidence of physical violence. Due to their separation, Ashley was living with her mother. When the shooting occurred, just two of them were present at her residence.

She fired four shots at Doug with a 45-caliber pistol. Doug was struck by two of the bullets, while the other two were found lodged in the wall. The evidence suggests that he was not facing Ashley when she started firing. She claimed she was the victim of physical assault, but there was no evidence of struggle other than a little scrape.

Prior to discovering she was pregnant, Ashley had filed a domestic abuse complaint against her spouse around two years earlier. She had even attempted to get an injunction to prevent Doug from seeing their daughter, but the case judge disproved her claims.

When the judge permitted Doug to meet his daughter, Ashley was unable to prevent the meeting. Doug was wounded once in the leg, and another bullet entered his chest after grazing his right arm.

Due to the lack of proof supporting her accusation, the investigators filed an arrest warrant. She was charged with murder in the second degree.

Currently, Ashley is being held responsible for her acts.

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