Who Is Lana Parrilla Dating? She Enraged At Fans!


Lana Parrilla is an American actress.

On July 15, 1977, Parrilla was born to her parents, Sam Parrilla and Dolores Dee Azzara, in Brooklyn. Her father was a professional baseball player for eleven seasons, while her mother was of Sicilian descent. She is the niece of Candice Azzara, an American stage and television actor.

She spent her youth in Boerum Hills and graduated from Bay Ridge’s Fort Hamilton High School. Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles was where she completed her acting training.

In the fifth season of the ABC comedy Spin City, Parrilla played a regular role. She was also a regular cast member on 24’s fourth season.

She appeared on television programmes such as Boomtown, Windfall, Swingtown, and the short-lived medical drama Miami Medical. She portrays the character Regina Mills/The Evil Queen in the ABC fantasy programme Once Upon a Time.

On April 30, 2021, she released a song titled It’s Over Now with Leonardo Abbate.

In 2021, she founded Keep It Regal, an online apparel boutique whose attires are inspired by her experience on Once Upon a Time.

Parrilla was married to Alfredo Di Blasio prior to their 2019 divorce. She is said to be dating Ryan Adams at now.

Relationship between Lana Parrilla and Ryan Adams: Are They Dating?
It is reported that they had been dating after Parrilla was observed defending Adams while blogging about her freedom to pick her life partner. Parilla and Adams have not verified the rumour.

Ryan Adams is a singer-songwriter and record producer with 20 CDs and three studio albums to his credit. He was born on November 5, 1974, and he is the middle of his family’s three children. Adams has characterised his upbringing as problematic; his father abandoned his mother and siblings when he was five, and he and his siblings were homeless as a result of his parents’ divorce; nevertheless, they were able to move in with his grandparents.

Adams learnt to play the electric guitar purchased by his mother and stepfather and joined the local band Blank Label at the age of fourteen.

Her ex-husband Alfredo Di Blasio and Parrilla were married on July 5, 2014 in British Columbia. Later, she announced the divorce on Instagram.

Blasio is a software developer who was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on November 9, 1968. He earned his Bachelor of Science from the European Business School. Later, he earned a Master of Business Administration in general management from Queen’s College, University of Cambridge.

Lana Parrilla On Twitter Regarding Allegations Against Ryan Adams

Parilla was observed writing about how some believe they can dictate with whom she may and cannot associate. Fans have theorised that she was referring to her supposed lover, Ryan Adams, who has been accused of manipulating and abusing several female musicians in the past. Her Twitter update.

Seven women, including his ex-wife Mandy Moore, accused him of sexually exploiting them. Moore was unable to build professional relationships in the music industry due to his dominating demeanour.

He was also accused of sending explicit text messages with a minor; Adams did not reject the charges but defended himself by stating that he was unaware of the girl’s age.

Fans of Parrilla are dissatisfied with her association with Adams, who has been accused of such crimes. Additionally, she has commented on Instagram about her freedom to socialise with whoever she chooses.

Explanation of Lana Parrilla’s Outrage over a Fan’s Instagram Post

Parrilla has released a statement titled “Please Read” in response to the terrible remarks she has been receiving due to rumours that she is dating Adams. Numerous individuals have accused Parrilla of associating with an individual who has committed a significant crime.

Due to judgements and comments, she has felt that she has been bullied and has requested that people stop insulting her.

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