Who Is James Iannazzo From Merrill Lynch? Racist Assault, Man Throws Smoothie on Video


Video of a racist man throwing smoothing at a restaurant worker is going viral on Twitter and TikTok. Learn about the clip in detail here.

Social media is such a powerful tool to raise concerns on various issues and seek support in the face of injustice, racism, assault, and other issues.

Twitter, Facebook, and now TikTok are the top examples of social media platforms to expose the truth to the public.

A similar incident occurred recently. A racist man verbally assaulted four female employees of what appeared to be a restaurant, and they used Tiktok to garner much-needed attention.

The girls posted a video of the incident on TikTok and immediately received support from millions of people around the world which was so heartening to see.

Who Is James Iannazzo From Merrill Lynch?  

The video of a racist man that is going viral on Twitter got identified as James Lannazzo, who works at Merrill Lynch, which is an American investment management and wealth management division of Bank of America, which is a dream company for folks aspiring to be an investment banker.

Moreover, he is a University of Connecticut graduate and is a certified Personal Investment Advisor and Certified Financial Planner. He has over a decade and a half of experience in his current field.

Despite being gone through such a long career in the corporate world and having been acknowledged as one of Barron‘s America’s Top 1,200 Advisors, it is hard to believe such a person would be behaving so irresponsibly and immaturely with people half his age.

James Iannazzo Racist Assault: Man Throws Smoothie On Video

Speaking of the video, the identified man James Lannazzo throws racist slurs and tries to assault a girl by throwing a smoothie on her.

At first, in the video, James starts yelling at the employees and questioning them about who made his smoothie. And the girls politely respond, “We don’t know, sir.”

Then the man gets violent by racially and verbally assaulting them. He calls them immigrants, ignorant high school kids, and much more.

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