Amid Fan Reactions, The Crawdads Sing Ending Is Explained

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The movie Where the Crawdads Sing has just hit theatres and viewers’ responses to the shocking finale have been varied. 

The film, which stars Daisy Edgar Jones and includes a song by Taylor Swift, was just released in theatres today, July 22, and it has gotten a wide range of mixed reviews.

Where The Crawdads Sing Ending

Another well-known book-to-movie adaptation is Where the Crawdads Sing, and readers who have read the book will be familiar with its devastating conclusion.

At the conclusion of the book, which was written by Delia Owens in 2018 and has, according to Rolling Stones Magazine, sold over 15 million copies, Kya is let out of jail after being accused of killing Chase Andrews, and the residents of the town realize the case against her was unfair because she was simply an “easy target” for being the “Marsh Girl.” She is found not guilty as a result of the lackluster evidence against her.

In the future portion of the book, Kya marries Tate and they spend their golden years together before she passes away in her 60s. Fans are still left wondering who killed Chase, though.

Where The Crawdads Sing Movie

The basic people and circumstances in both the novel and the movie are comparable, but the finale in particular stands out as being different.

In contrast to the novel, which can only describe the issue through Tate’s thoughts, the movie is able to leave viewers with a little amount of ambiguity about who killed Chase without going into great detail.

People had so many questions about this that even the Guardian reviewer wanted to see more, but the book provides a much clearer explanation of the conclusion.

An Explanation Of The Crawdads Sing Ending

The book provides further explanation for the resolution and reveals the solution to the enigma. Tate finds a shell necklace and Kya’s poem “The Firefly” after she dies, which really proves she killed Chase.

Then it is revealed that Kya only responded in that manner because Chase had previously tried to rape her and she knew that the only way she would ever be safe from him was if he was gone.

To distance herself from the situation, she grabbed the necklace she had previously given him back after planning to kill him while making it appear as though it were an accident.

It is also revealed that Kya has been writing poetry under the alias Amanda Hamilton for the local Barkley Cove newspaper all along.

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